Dr. Xuecheng LIU

Dr. Xuecheng Liu (刘学成) is a senior research fellow and executive vice president of the Center for China-US Relations of the China Institute of International Studies. Dr. Liu has also served as a member of the CSCAP-China National Committee, ARF Experts/Eminent Persons, and a standing council member of Chinese Associations for American Studies and South Asian Studies, and a council member of China Association of Asia-Pacific Studies, China Association of Asia-African Studies, China-ASEAN Association, and Chinese-American People’s Friendship Association. Dr. Liu is also a visiting professor at the University of Texas-Austin. He teaches four courses in the spring semester: China and the New Asian Region, Asian Regionalism and Multilateral Cooperation, Regional Integration and Big Power Politics in Southeast Asia, and Government and Politics of South Asia.

He has been frequently interviewed by Chinese and foreign media. He is the author of two books: The Sino-Indian Border Dispute and Sino-Indian Relations (in English) and China and the United States: Rivals or Partners. He has authored over 30 book chapters and published over 300 academic articles and research reports as well as conference papers in leading Chinese and foreign journals. He received his BA degree in English from Peking University, MA in law from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and MA in liberal arts and Ph.D. in international relations from the University of Texas at Austin, US A. He engages in studies on Asian political and security affairs, relations between Asia and the U.S, especially China-US relations.



Contact: liuxuecheng@ciis.org.cn


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