Dr. Ping HUANG

Dr. Ping Huang (黄平) is a senior research professor and the Director General of the Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS). He also serves as the President of Chinese Association of American Studies, Vice President of the China National Association of International Relations, Vice President of the China Association for Hong Kong and Macao Studies, Vice President of Chinese Association of World Politics Studies, Director of the CASS Center for World Politics Studies,  as well as Board Member of the United Nation Research Institute of Social Development (UNRISD).

He earned his Doctoral Degree in Sociology from LSE, London in 1991. He has  authored and co-authored many books including In Search for Survival: A Sociological Study of Rural Urban Migration (Yunnan Renmin, 1997), Unfinished Narratives (Sichuan Renmin, 1997), Experiences from Western China: Reports and Rethinking of Development and Poverty (SSAP, 2005), Misleading and Development (RUCP, 2006) and Our Times: Where China Today Comes from and Where is She going (CCTP, 2007). He is also the editor in chief of books including China Reflected (Arena Press, 2003), China and Globalisation: Washington Consensus or Beijing Consensus ? (SSAP, 2005).




Contact: huangping@cass.org.cn

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