Dr. Thomas G. RAWSKI

Dr. Thomas Rawski (罗斯基) is currently Professor of Economics and History and UCIS Research Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his doctorate in economics at Harvard University, and afterwards participated in a diplomatic tour of China as a member of a delegation dedicated to the study of rural industry.

Rawski has written extensively on China’s economy. His research focuses on the modern history and current development of China’s economy. Rawski ‘s publications include China-focused studies of industry, labor markets, productivity, economic measurement, international exchange, institutions, human capital, and environment. His publications, many of which have appeared in Chinese translation, include books on Economic Growth and Employment in China (1979), China’s Transition to Industrialism (1980) and Economic Growth in Prewar China (1989) as well as co-authored or edited volumes on Rural Small-Scale Industry in the People’s Republic of China (1977), Chinese History in Economic Perspective (1992),Productivity, Efficiency, and Reform in China’s Economy (1995), Economics and the Historian (1996), China’s Rise and the Balance of Influence in Asia (2007),China’s Great Economic Transformation (2008), and Tales from the Development Frontier (2013).



Contact: tgrawski@pitt.edu
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