Dr. Weilin PAN

Pan Weilin (潘玮琳) is a Junior Research Fellow at the Institute of China Studies of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She has served as the Assistant to Secretary-General of the World Forum on China Studies since 2010.

Her research focuses on material culture in modern China. She earns her Ph. D of History from Fudan University, Shanghai.  She is currently working on her book project “Forgotten gifts to the dead: Paper-offering industry in Republican Zhejiang”. She also participates in the monitoring project on China Studies outside of PRC at her institute. She teaches Chinese history and History of Shanghai at CET (China-based US language program for college students) and Shanghai International Studies University.

Dr. Pan was a visiting scholar at the Asian Pacific Studies Institute of Duke University from 2008 to 2009. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Carter Center, Atlanta.


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