Xin Zhang (张 焮) is a Research Assistant at the Institute of China Studies of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and editor of China Studies Quarterly. His research interest includes international communication, and modern Chinese history. He has served as a program coordinator of the World Forum on China Studies since 2010.

The Remaking of Ideological Hegemony: A Review of Raymond F. Wylie’s Emergence of Maoism: Mao Tse-Tung, Ch’en Po-ta, and the Search for Chinese Theory, 1935-1945“, in China Studies Quarterly, Issue 4 , 2014.

The Micro-blogging Boom in China: Observations from Overseas”, in Overseas China Watching, Dangxiao chubanshe, 2014.

A Sharp Decline of Agenda-Setting Ability of the Traditional Media”, in Youth Journalist, No.7 (2013).

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