Dr. Zhaohong QIAO

Dr. Zhaohong Qiao (乔兆红) is currently a research fellow at the Institute of China Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in History at Sun Yat-sen University in June, 2003 and was a research fellow at the Institute of Economics at Shanghai Academy after June 2003. She focuses her research on economical history and economical theory, having a special interest in urban history, merchant groups, exhibition economics, transformation of business society and international politics. She has published nearly 100 papers in many Journals of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) as Qiushi, World Economics and Politics, Researches in Economical History, Academic Monthly, and Social Sciences, and her representative works include Revival and Growth:Economic Institutional Change of Total Capacititive Organizations Promotion (co-authored, 2011), Historical Fate of Chinese Merchant Movement (2010), A Hundred Years Deduction: Change in Undertaking of Chinese Expositions (2009), and All Begin at Exposition: Its Effects and Social Development (2008).



Contact: qzh@sass.org.cn

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